The old vicarage at Rosvoll

The idyllic vicarage at Rosvoll has been home to the priest since 1749, and is today a historic building that is well worth a visit.

The old vicarage at Rosvoll


3th Juli to 24th July

Thursday to Sunday: 13:00–17:00



Her finner du oss

Rosvoll prestegard
6571 Hopen

Phone: 47 32 07 70


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Rosvoll prestegard

Rosvoll has been the residence of priests since Smøla became its own parish in 1749. Before that time, the chaplain lived at western Smøla. He was a priest for Odden, Brattvær and Veiholmen, while Edøy parish belonged to the parish priest in Aure.

In 1879, the priest and teacher Ole Olsen Moe came to Smøla. He started the building of a new vicarage and worked with improving the school system at Smøla. During Ole Olsen Moe's time at Smøla, he made sure there were built seven new schools and two churches in addition to the new vicarage, which is the Rosvoll vicarage we see today.

Rosvoll vicarage was used as a residence for the priests until 1972, when they moved to the new residence at Edøy church.

The old vicarage at Rosvoll is home to several permanent exhibitions. Among the current exhibitions you will find:

• A new canning exhibition
• An exhibition of local natural history
• An illustrated exhibition of fishing village in Smøla: Veiholmen, Brattvær, Hallarøya, Odden og Ringsøya

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