Kvernes village museum

Experience the authentic coastal environment at beautiful Kvernes, and take a walk down to the sea to the fishermans cabins, or up to one of Norways oldest stave churches.

Kvernes village museum


20th June to 20th August

Tuesday to Friday and Sunday: 12:00–16:00


Adults: 100 NOK

Children up to 14 years old: Free

Groups/schools: Contact the museum

Her finner du oss

Gamle Kvernes bygdemuseum
Kvernesveien 825
6531 Averøy

Phone: 91 33 92 11


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Gamle Kvernes bygdemuseum

At Kvernes village museum you can see how the coastal environment was in Norway in the 1600s to the 1800s. The different buildings at the property all have an interesting story and different exhibitions, and if you go down to the sea, you can get more information about how it was for the people living by the coast about 200 years ago. Here lived fishermen and their families, and while the fathers and son were out at sea, the women and children had to take care of the farm. 


Kvernes village museum is a part of Kvernes cultural area, and is one of the stops on Kystpilegrimsleia, which is the pilgrimage route along the West coast streching from Egersund to Trondheim, previously called Nidaros.


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