Svinviks arboretum

Experience our blooming museum garden in Todalsfjorden

Svinviks arboretum



20th May to 25th June: Tuesday to Sunday 11.00 - 16.00

28th June to 6th August: Wednesday to Sunday 11.00–16.00

You can also visit the garden outside of our prime season, but our café will not be open.



Adults: 75 NOK

Children under 16 years old: Free

Her finner du oss

Svinviks arboret
Todalsvegen 785
6640 Kvanne

Phone: 464 22 638


Svinviks arboret

Halvor and Anne Svinvik started building this exotic nature garden on the rock hammers by Todalsfjorden, in the 1940s. From then on, the garden has been full to the brim of rohododendrons, bamboo, deciduous trees and pine trees from all over the world.

The arboretum is best known for its large collection of rhododendron, with app. 375 different types (species, cultivars and hybrids), that bloom beautifully in every color during early summer. Another large part of the garden is its collection of pine trees, with more than 250 different types. You'll also find traditional flowerbeds with perennials, ornamental shrubs and an old orchard. It is a special experience walking through the almost magical pathways with its magnificent rhododendrons, not only for those who are interested in gardens, but for the whole familiy.



In the area north of the houses, on a slope with little soil, they established a nicely terraced orchard. The work started in 1943, at the same time as the arboretum was established. Halvor made a hand-drawn and detailed map of the terraces, showing the amount and different types of trees planted in the orchard. Anne Svinvik also planted peonies in the perennial garden, which was located by the greenhouse, where we now find a flower bed with acid soil. Many of the peonies have survived between the rhododendrons, but it was time to give them better living conditions. We therefore decided to create a peony bed in 2018. 

If you want to learn more about Halvor and Anne Svinvik, and why they started the arboretum, you can click here.

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