Rangnes school

At Rangnes school you can find a collection of books, artefacts and equipment from most of the schools in the county.

Rangnes school


9th Juli 13-16

16th Juli 13-16

24th Juli 13-16

30th Juli 13-16


NOK 75,-

Children free

Her finner du oss

Rangnes gamle skole
6571 Hopen

Phone: 47 32 07 70


In 1827, the gouvernment passed a new school law, stating that there should be built permanent schools in rural areas, but Smøla was one of the places that was allowed an extention. The requirement was changed when the new school law was passed in 1860, and now Smøla also had to start building permanent schools. 

The teachers could now attend teacher training schools, also called seminars. This was a big change from the norm of self-taught schoolmasters. 

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