Norwegian Marshland museum 

The Norwegian Marshland Museum is a modern museum, tracing the development of an independent Norway through the cultivation of marshlands and establishment of new farmsteads during the 20th century.

Norwegian Marshland museum 


24th June to 7th August

Tuesday to Sunday: 13:00–17:00


Adults: 75 NOK

Children: Free

Groups over 20 people: 25 NOK per person

Her finner du oss

Norsk myrmuseum
Norsk myrmuseum
6570 Smøla

Phone: 47 32 07 70


Norwegian Marsland museum presents as one of the most exciting museum projects at Nordmøre in the last few years. Norwegian Marshland museum has a national focus, as well as showing the work done at the research facility at Frostadheia, which was an important national center for marsh research. The project is well funded in regional and national professional enviromnemts. 


Marsh cultivation and the establishment new land where one could do this, was an important part of business development and nation-building in Norway.  
When Norway gained its independence in 1905, the countrys gouvernment wanted to start something that could help them create a nation that took care of its people. 
Utilization of the marshlands was an important issue that was prioritized on a national level. The «Society for the Restriction of Emigration» was founded in 1908. Their task was to make it easier for young Norwegians to get established and start new cultivation. 

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