Husasnotra preserves old craftsmanship and building techniques through a 3 year long post graduate program.



1st January to 31st December


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Valsøyfjordvegen 1349
6687 Valsøyfjord

Phone: 0047 95 29 81 10


Husasnotra is a part of the Geitbåt museum, and a educational institution where people can learn traditional boat building and other forms of craftsmanship. At Husasnotra we build different wooden boats and houses in several sizes. 


We have an 3 year long post graduate program for those who already have a crafts certificate. "Næminger" which we call those who take this program, work on both restauration and constructing new buildings and boats. We mostly work with preserved buildings and churches, and collaborate with Senter for bygdekultur and Røros museum on this training.

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