Geitbåt museum

At our museum you can see about 50 different versions of the traditional boat from Nordmøre.

Geitbåt museum


The Geitbåtmuseum is closed to visitors until to complete the new permanent exhibition


Ingen priser er oppgitt.

Her finner du oss

Valsøyfjordvegen 1349
6687 Valsøyfjord

Phone: 0047 95 29 81 10



The geitbåt is a traditional row- and sailboat normally used at Nordmøre and in parts of Romsdal. The geitbåt is one of the oldest boat types in Norway and is known for its special construction and the ways it "climbs" over the waves. The geitbåt and the Geitbåt museum is an important factor in understanding the development of traditional boats in Norway, and is a source of knowledre both in Norway and the Nordics.

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